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it came out of the wordwork

31 July
I've been writing for publication since high school; I began getting paid for my writing in 1968. My fiction began appearing in the mid 1970s. My writing has appeared in print in newspapers, magazines, on TV, greeting cards, novels, anthologies, and electronically, not to mention audiobook and podcast format. Over time I've been a book review columnist, a music review columnist, a chess columnist, and a computer columnist. I've also edited fiction anthologies and chapbooks, electronic publications, weekly newspapers, and monthly newspapers; I've been a contributing editor for a number of publications. I have from time to time taught writing and been a workshop leader; my first workshop experience was as one of the participants in Clarion West in 1973 (from the now "lost" years of Clarion West hardly mentioned in the histories).
cats, chess, ferryboats, libraries. i collect catwhiskers., music, ocean beaches, reading, trains and rail travel, writing