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Liaden Universe Constellation Volume 2 ...

As many of you know, we've got a couple of recent books out ... including several collections of our short stories. You may also know Locus as the newspaper of the science fiction field, and they have a bestseller list.

So, this month, (in newsstand time it would be April, 2014) in trade paperback, some dude named Ray Bradbury has the 1 bestselling trade paperback, for some book called Fahrenheit 451. And this dynamic duo named Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have the Number 2 bestselling trade paperback this month -- a collection of short fiction -- Liaden Universe Constellation, Volume 2.

Say hey and tell your friends -- the Liaden short stories *are so* mostly in print again, and apparently a lot of folks are taking advantage. -- You can too. From fine bookstores and online sources ...
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