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The National SF Convention .... coming in July

I've posted this over in the Friends of Liad group on Facebook and to the original FoL mailing list but to be sure ...

Dear Friends of Liad

DETCON 1 has been in touch with us -- that's this years NASFIC (North American SF Convention which happens in years the WorldCon is outside of North America) and besides assuring us that we will be program participants they also want to know if we're going to....

1) be having a party room or suite

2) if we'll want/need a fan table

Since we don't have programming information to hand, we can't know yet how heavily we might be scheduled, but we'd love to be able to participate in the usual way -- if we'll have Friends of Liad there to help, and if nothing else, we'll plan on a Friends of Liad breakfast.

I'm assuming there will be parties and programming by some of our fellow travelers (like Baen Books, SFWA, and future worldcon bids, for example) but as usual, much is up in the air 5 months out from the event.

If you'd like to help with or take part in a FoL party, send me a message via Facebook or the usual FoL mailing list and I'll put you in touch with whoever looks like they'll be doing something. If someone would like to volunteer to help coordinate, that would be good, too.

My expectation is that the NASFIC will be larger than most regionals but not nearly as big as a North American WorldCon -- the last NASFIC I went to was in Raleigh, and there were on the order of 1200 people there. What this means is, in part, that it ought to be easier to get to see the artshow and the attending professionals and program participants .. and that there won't be as many of them as there usually are for worldcon.

DETCON will happen in Detroit from July 17-20; we'll likely be there a day earlier and a leave the day after -- and hope we'll be seeing a bunch of you there.

Thanks for reading!

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