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Some recent news
Depending on which social media you favor, some or all of the following information will/may be a repeat -- or it may not, depending on how closely you follow things. This all anout Liaden Universe things, and particularly (or mostly) Ghost Ship

At 8:02 and 8:03 this evening, was listing Ghost Ship at #482 ( ) if the link works...

and Amazon was listing it at #1776. (

Meanwhile, Don Blyly at Uncle Hugos has posted a new Bestseller List for July -- in which Lee & Miller books dominate the trade paper size books, and where Ghost Ship is #1 .. .there are some other Lee & Miller sightings available:

And, for kickers this afternoon a Friend of Liad pointed this out -- which is Amazon selecting Ghost Ship for their Fall Book Preview ...

We're slowly pulling things together for WorldCon ... and we also heard this afternoon that we've got a royalty check due in on some of out electronic books .... which will almost exactly cover the train fare to Reno!

And now, all I have to do is let all the good news go, and work with Theo awhile.

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