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Here, as requested by many, more information about Ghost Ship

Here, as requested by many, more information about Ghost Ship. Please understand that entire plot lines are left out of this: we needed to do it in under 200 words, and without the kicker it is 199.  Reiterating something mentioned earlier today elsewhere -- due on the shelves around WorldCon -- Renovation -- 2011. That'd be August of next year, for those who don't keep con fan time.

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In the direct sequel to  I Dare and Saltation it  turns out:
You haven't arrived until they send the assassins –
Theo Waitley's not a kid anymore. Branded a “nexus of violence” before her first solo commercial piloting gig, she now wears a First Class pilot's jacket, has a job offer from Korval, carries multiple weapons, and may wear a Tree-and-Dragon pin, if she dares. Everyone she meets thinks she's dangerous, and most of them approve …
But that's only part of the problem – her “quiet academic” father has been exposed as a ship-killing Master Pilot with a secret life, and her new-found brother is an expert at hand-to-hand death dealing. She's the last hope of survival for her mortally wounded problem lover, if only she can make peace with the self-willed ship that's been stalking her across space. Then, when the assassins teach her that even the most competent pilot needs backup on some ports, the most able copilot she can find is a retired Juntavas sector Boss who knew her father's oddly undead first wife well.
So, things are getting complicated because she's her father's daughter; the enemy knows it, and the assassins mean business.
Oh yeah, and her mother wants to talk to her, too.

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Some plans for AlbaCon are coming together, some are not. Will see some of you there, I hope!
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