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If you have a blog, or an ebook reader, this could be for you ...

So, after a day where we put shipping labels on hundreds of Saltations for dispatch on Tuesday, we moved on to an experiment for us, a giveaway.

We figured that we've got high summertime now, right, and your friends need new reading for their Nooks, Kindles, IPADS, and PCs, right? And some of them have never read a Liaden book, right?

Cool -- we're have contest, a drawing, really, for 36 free ebook copies of The Dragon Variation, for people who have never readLiaden stories -- this is for first timers only -- but here's the thing -- you can tell friends about it, and if you post it in your blog,
you can let Sharon know and enter a drawing for a Barnes and Noble gift certificate --

details --

Spread the word to your reading and blogging friends!


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