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Sales rankings of various Lee and Miller books -- an incomplete list on Sunday morning
Sales rankings of various Lee and Miller books -- an incomplete list on Sunday morning

The lists below were compiled this morning, with the help of some web friends, across an hour or two, so if you go look (or if you go and buy or order!) the ranking may vary a little. We have none of the Meisha Merlin books in these lists because they are, by force, out of print and we're unlikely to see much in the way of recompense for them, however many may sell -- likewise the Ace and Del Rey editions.  I shoul;d point out that the Baen novel collections start hitting on June 1, and if you're the kind of person who likes to point people to reads you like, it would be good (which is to say most helpful to us and to potential future readers) to point them at the new novels -- and at the Baen collections.

Mouse and Dragon     1996 / #23- Space Opera
Saltation                  10127 / #97-Space Opera
Fledgling      (mm)    16,966
Dragon Variation       20,524
The Agent Gambit     25,094
Carousel Tides          87,502
Longeye                 162,717
Fledgling hardcover  304,979
Duainfey   (mm)       328,286
Sword of Orion         816,901
*The Cat's Job        1,269,332
Local Custom MP3 1,485,927

*2002 edition

Barnes and Noble

Mouse and dragon    12,222
Saltation                  13,767
Fledgling     (mm)      38,902
Dragon Variation       52,696
Fledgling hardcover    62,152
Duainfey    (mm)      114,461
Longeye                  176,915
The Agent Gambit     unlisted
**The Cat's Job         253,414
Carousel Tides          442,028
Sword of Orion          594,154
Local Custom MP3    772,865

**2010 edition

PS --
we've located another pair Liaden filk songs ... wheee ... who knows, maybe we can do a Liaden filk songbook/chapbook down the road.

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