May 12th, 2014


News -- and more news ...

In case you haven't visited our other websites today ...

We've had a busy few days here in the wilds of Maine.  For one thing, after some whirlwind discussion with our editor and agent we're waiting for the contract to come in on Liaden Universe® Constellation Number Three. Yes! But, sorry, no publication date yet.

We've also got word that we can unveil a special, this week only, price on the popular Audible audiobook version of Fledgling. This special price is available to all comers -- that means member or not, you can get Fledgling for just $3.95.  Or, if you join -- you can get it absolutely free. Get one for you and tell your friends!

All this is happening now over  at the special Fledgling sales page at Audible
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