January 14th, 2014


Support your local genre!

I've posted this as a comment elsewhere, but think I should share it on my blog as well. This is for writers and would-be writers in the SF and Fantasy fields, and it applies just as well to those in other genres where there are established groups and associations. Feel free to share.

Soapbox on!

I think it incumbent upon writers looking to be professionals in the SF & Fantasy field to support the apparatus they wish to have support them. If you faunch after a Hugo award, be at least a supporting member of the community. Should you dream of your own Nebula Award, for ghu's sake, join SFWA. I point to Damon Knight, who I had the the honor to chauffeur about several times, and to work with -- side by side and long distance -- for several intense weeks. Damon, of course, created the Clarion experience through the Milford workshops. He founded SFWA. And he founded N3F -- the National Fantasy Fan Federation. And when I worked with Damon? It was for his book about one of the cradles of modern American Science Fiction -- the fan group known as The Futurians.

Soapbox, off!
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