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it came out of the wordwork

My tweets
  • Sat, 20:29: Read Lee & Miller's Splinter Universe? New splinter due tomorrow: three chapters from Steve Miller's abandoned early novel Quicksliver.
  • Sat, 23:56: If the wine is not good enough to share with company it is *not* good enough to cook with.... Hey, I'll drink to that!
  • Sun, 10:11: Last straw -- McDonald's won't say who supplies their ketchup these days. Is it repacked bulk chinese brand? http://t.co/V6UoBhx6yW
  • Sun, 10:16: Why is "Christian Mingle" tempting married men with enticing photos of single "christian" girls with fancy earrings, wearing a bikini?
  • Sun, 10:36: Dear #WFC -- wow, are you early risers OK? Arriving in time for storm doesn't sound like much fun ... http://t.co/GrfOGdWcHa
  • Sun, 11:14: Star Wars -- great for for Moms and for Grandmas, say the kids ... http://t.co/c6qgAx7B0b

Splinter Universe update -- you can help!
Dear Friends of Liad --

just as we're about to start the next segment of the Liaden Universe® World Tour we've recently updated the Splinter Universe site with a couple of "new to the site" items. Today, there's three chapters from my Quicksliver project, http://splinteruniverse.com/?page_id=652 written in the mid and late 70s ... and last week there was an outtake from a Val Con and Miri story/situation that was never used. http://splinteruniverse.com/?page_id=630 Neither of these recent additions have been published before -- so go, look them over, and enjoy. Want to help? There are donation buttons so you can support the site or show appreciation for the story splinters you find there -- and unlike purchases through Amazon, B&N, or Smashword, those funds are available to us immediately.

Wait -- did you forget about the world tour? This segment is covering more than a dozen stops in the northeast over a couple weeks:
http://sharonleewriter.com/2013/10/reminder-explanation-tour-schedule-update/   hope to see some of you there!