October 25th, 2013


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And so -- we're going to be doing a lot of traveling in the next couple weeks and we need your help -- that is, all you Friends of Liad who live in, near, or within a drivable distance (say a 90 minute drive) of the cities and towns we'll be signing in -- or who know readers and fans who do. 

This is our biggest book tour to date and we'd like to be sure the turnout is good. BUT -- we don't know how to reach some sets of people who may be interested. Does anyone know how to reach the folks who go to ICON, for example, or any related reading group. There are colleges we don't know about in that area that may have science fiction clubs we don't know about -- how do we reach them?

So we're asking you folks who ask us "What can we do for you?" to 1) tell your genre friends about our tour  2) share information about the tour with your local club or book group within range. We figure the PSFS people will know, because we'll be at PhilCon. But then there's WSFA, and BSFS, and dozens of other places and groups we don't know because we've long been out of the Mid-Atlantic. Is there still a group at JHU? I dunno. Will folks from Utica or Glen Falls or Binghamton come to Albany for a signing? Will someone from  Hartford or Windsor Locks travel to Holyoke to see us? Will they decide to be at PhilCon because we will? Only way to find out is to reach them with the news -- and we've pretty well done the outreach we know how to do.

So here's the list of where we'll be. The rest -- the letting people know that we'll be signing and reading and are worth visiting -- that's up to word of mouth (and word of internet) .... if you can, please do let the word go out!


Thanks, and hope to see a bunch of you there!
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