March 21st, 2013


From the wilds of Maine ,,,

As Socks is my co-pilot today, some days are rougher than others.

And so, yes, issues and problems happen. And so, yes, I'm at a point where the world is too much with me, late and soon, and will be taking a break from the daily nets for a few days. A few updates, and then to meditate and work and have some time with Socks. I may drop in but will not be working in the flow as I often do. I will be away for a few days.

That Jethri book? Still not done. Once more a changing about of chapters and an adjustment of endings. So I'm doing what I can there. See "be away for a few days". above.

Also, there's Socks, who now has a co-pilot cat-quilt in my room where the co-pilot chair usually sits. Usually I know he's there because he has coon cat breathing, which often sounds suspiciously like a snore, and I can feel the high-grade coon cat sleep rays bouncing (or not!) off the side of my head as I write.

The Socks situation has been clarified with the latest tests and it is clear he's too fragile to consider the operation we were looking at; in fact it appears that there's not much we can do in the way of intervention aside from continuing to be with him, to provide food and water for as long as he'll take them, to give him antibiotics as long as they work, and make sure he's as comfortable as may be, for as long as possible.

We're looking to provide what stability we may and the vet's office is unable to suggest if that's likely to be a week, a month, or a year. There's an underlying kidney abnormality we're dealing with -- in the words of the vet "According to ultrasound, Socks has an old cat's kidneys." In terms of keeping him hydrated, Sharon will be taking lessons RSN in administering subcutaneous fluids. In terms of food we're feeding him the good stuff. In terms of rest, he sleeps where and when he wants to.

We want to thank everyone who has donated or offered to donate money toward Socks and we're in the curious position of saying that short of a feline kidney transplant (apparently that doesn't happen on the East Coast and we're not sure he'd be up to it if did) that there's a limit to what money can do here.
We don't want to accumulate a large Socks Defense Fund for a cause which most likely in the long run, is a short run.

Sharon will be discussing a few more details in her blog, as I understand it:

So I'll be away from the web for a few days, starting about now. Thanks for being along for the ride and I look forward to catching up sometime next week.
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