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it came out of the wordwork

News is getting out ...
Lord Black Cat
Well gang,

a couple topics, delivered (I hope) briefly.

For one: You have until midnight tonight Maine time! ARC giveaway for Necessity's Child http://t.co/D3xwtSGN Last chance, since Sharon's giveaway is already over!

Next -- it looks like we're doing a book launch for Necessity's Child at Boskone -- with all kinds of anniversary overtones. It'll be within hours of 25 years (Silver Anniversary, that would be) of the original publication date for Agent of Change -- so 25 years of the Liaden Universe. On top of that, it'll be my Coral or Jade Anniversary for my first pro fiction publication in Amazing -- while "Charioteer" wasn't by any means my first paid fiction piece it was my first story to meet SFWA guidelines... and by the time the first story appeared I'd already sold more to Ted White.

So -- we're working up details for that book launch in February -- bookmarks and some other giveaways are expected, but we have no details other than the convention stuff here: http://www.nesfa.org/boskone/

Hope we'll see some of you there ...