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it came out of the wordwork

About the flood and other stuff ...
We had a pipe burst in the bathroom late Friday afternoon; this happened in an area hidden from direct view, inside a vanity - and it happened while Sharon was doing an hour long phone interview and I was doing web-work while listening to music on my headset so not to interrupt her work. I discovered the flood in process and couldn't turn the valve off, so I yelled for Sharon and ran to the basement, where long streams of water were flowing from the fake wooden beam that hides the real steel beam -- and through the light fixtures. Turning off the electric was enough to stop the pump, and then I could get the master valve shut.

By the time I got upstairs to report dangerous conditions in the basement Sharon had begun throwing the newly dried batch of fresh towels into the mess on the bathroom floor, but she'd already called the plumber....

In the basement the fake beam had spread water over lots of stuff -- a compute,r books, papers, author copies, fanzines ... all very carefully up on pallets to help make sure that any unexpected water in the basement would do no long term harm. Never thought that the danger would come from above; a bunch of the boxes were open top and acted as buckets.

We have a water damage rehab person working with us, the insurance company will send someone RSN... but yes, lots of books damaged, lots of paper work -- some electronics gone as well. The big hummer industrial paper and CD shredder I had from SRM? It was right under the beam and was filled with so much water that Sharon couldn't move it...

So we need to do a lot of inventorying as the basement dries. The bathroom flooring has been ripped out, the vanity is toast, the wall behind the vanity may need to be replaced. Sharon's a fan of hand-made soap and her accumulation/collection of a some dozens of bars of herbal and hand-cut and etc soaps -- that was stored in that vanity and the water pressure was enough penetrate everything, leaving a blob of wet, indeterminate color goo.

The insurance adjustor is due in tomorrow, if we're lucky.

Most recent news from Sharon re our water problem & house flooding:
http://rolanni.livejournal.com/787353.html I'd watch there for follow-up.

We may be slow answering email for a few days....