June 28th, 2012


A slightly delayed update ....

Yes, another mixed bag update....

Let's see --

first, Sharon's still working on the Carousel Tides t-shirt project, and there's a a little over 48 hours to get your order in -- she's got to finish taking orders before she can start filling them!

Details can be found here ...

By the way, since Sharon sold TWO more books in the Carousel Tides/ Archer's Beach setting, your shirt could tell lots of people about good reading for years to come. Order by Saturday night Maine, USA time or else... you'll miss the tide!

So let me say this: in 1973 I went to Clarion West writing workshop, in Seattle, Washington. This was a six week long experience, and while I was there I got to work with: James Sallis, Joanna Russ, Ursula LeGuin, Terry Carr, Harlan Ellison, and Peter Beagle, and oh yes, Vonda McIntyre was the workshop coordinator. FM Busby dropped by multpile times.... so yeah, it was great experience.

So, if you're set with t-shirts but still want more good reading, you can help with *my* part in this year's Clarion West Write-A-Thon .... I'm using the write-a-thon period to work on the next Jethri book, which is due to Baen RSN; and I'm asking for sponsors to help get behind me finishing this book.... send a dollar, a dollar a week, or even more -- but this money won't go to me, it'll go to support Clarion West Writing workshop -- the same workshop I attended way back in 1973. Clarion West helped aimed me toward the pro-writing ranks and it has helped dozens more make the jump. Right now more than 200 writers are taking part in the write-a-thon ... you can support any one of us, or split your donation among multiple writers if you like.


Me, I bet big: my goal is to raise $1000 for the workshop. We have some weeks to go and -- according to the latest report from CW's administrators -- we're past the half way point on my bet, with donations in from several countries and more than a dozen states -- so another $400 (just about $100 a week) ... will really be a help. I'm thinking that what I'll do is promise a round up to the next $100 ... so if we reach $903 and I'll personally round it to $1000; if we reach $1177 I'll round it to $1200.

I should say that a big milestone was reached already -- by reaching 200 participants a trigger was reached which brought in an extra $2000 for the the workshop, which has raised close to $15000 already. So, if you've got $10 sitting around and you'd have bought me a glass of wine or a breakfast muffin at Worldcon with -- you can aim it at the CW Write-a-thon since we're not going to Worldcon this year. Help me pay forward and help yourself have lots more good reading down the line ...

Again -- my Clarion West experience meant I got to work with: Vonda McIntyre, James Sallis, Joanna Russ, Ursula LeGuin, Terry Carr, Harlan Ellison, and Peter Beagle. Help a future big-name writer work with the pros and get aimed at a writing career. So far, we've raised a bit over $500 toward my goal, and with 4 weeks to go all we need is another $80 or $100 a week and we'll get there. Thanks for the help!


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