March 17th, 2012

Lord Black Cat

Bits and stuff and all

As mentioned on Facebook, Lee & Miller went to the Maine Mathematics and Science High School to speak yesterday -- had a great time, though the 5 hour ride home was a bit iffy with the snow and rain and moosewatch. If you happen to know a school with a lecture program we might be appropriate for ... let us know, or talk to the program folks there and tell them how to get in touch with us.

We're both still getting over this darned cold (sigh!) -- I keep hearing fro m people that it holds on for 3 to 6 weeks! -- but we're moving on with the other things we do as best we can, writing, reading, and outreach.

Also, we'd like to been totally done coldishness RSN so that by the time we bring the new cat into the house he won't assume we spend half our time hacking .... that is Silversocks the Maine Coon (old photos here ---, and he's due in-house at the East Winslow Catfarm and Confusion factory in a few weeks.

New this week: Klamath story at Splinter Universe --

Liaden drinking glasses:

Please share!

inevitably someone will ask how these links help us. For one thing, if you order in Liaden Universe glasses and use them, it means you'll have to explain them to friends and perhaps make converts.... also, we get a $1 or so a glass down the road, so that's not a bad thing. The Splinter Universe sharing is less definite -- you get to see part of the what might have been, and part of the back story of Liaden universe, particularity of Miri. Also, if you donate through the Splinter Universe Paypal button, that donation comes directly to us, a definite feature for freelancers used to funds waiting for yearly payouts and side-trips to the agent's office!

A reminder for the traveling fan -- while we're due in KC for ConQuest just before Memorial Day, we've also got an earlier event: we'll be speaking for an hour or so in the evening at Rockland Public Library in Rockland, Maine Thursday, April 5.
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