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it came out of the wordwork

Been watching the skies?
Yard Iggle
As mentioned elsewhere ....

In the interstices of the canon Liaden stories are the bits and pieces we haven't finished with yet -- some will go on, some will not. Over on Splinter Universe we're starting to present about 1/3 of a novel's worth of work that hasn't made it to print yet, though it has affected the Liaden experience since we-the-authors have written it, talked about it, thought and argued about it, lived with it as a background informing ideas that we have published as well as influencing which stories were concentrated on ...

New prep for this work involved finding, scanning, cleaning up, scanning and rescanning; call it about 10 hours to get the thing started and now about an hour per 8 or 10 pages for the formatting and fixing... if you can help us cover this time and effort, we'd greatly appreciate it. Elsewise, enjoy and be sure to tell your science fiction reading friends that they can rush off in this direction ... http://splinteruniverse.com/?page_id=414

I estimate we'll have 6 to 8 installments -- they'll come weekly, likely around the old Fledgling, Monday noon, our time schedule... enjoy!

And did I mention? We've also uncovered a good deal of an unpublished Kinzel book ... that'll take some real work, since only part of it is on modern disks... but we expect to be working on that for Splinter Universe as well ...