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it came out of the wordwork

Who do I write like? Poe? Gibson? Clarke .... well, yes....
Sunday morning stuff, done in between breakfast, catboxes, shower, coffee, and more coffee ... the "Who do I Write Like Question" is asked from time to time, and so I went to the font this morning and discover that it depends, or maybe the truth is, it's kind of complicated....

Note -- if you have odd spacing here, please blame the folks at LJ and their interaction with others on the web...

Starting with an oldie --

That's my story "Russians in My Head" -- one of the stories you can read for free (donations acceptable!) at Splinter Universe -- http://splinteruniverse.com/?page_id=260

Then there's:

That was my recent guest blog at Eating Authors: http://www.lawrencemschoen.com/plugs/eating-authors-steve-miller/

Then I see I write like Sir Arthur ...

Which, oddly enough, was Timerags II -- my book of poems -- which is available as an ebook: http://www.pinbeambooks.com/ebooks-you-want-to-read/steve-miller/ Perhaps the poem Catkiller was the significant weight in this reading ....

Oh, and also?

Which was the reading for the stories making up Chariot to The Stars, a small collection of mine -- http://www.pinbeambooks.com/ebooks-you-want-to-read/steve-miller/

And so that's the story -- William Gibson to Poe -- I run the gamut. Enjoy!