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it came out of the wordwork

Coming attractions -- still time for you to be there! And there ... and there ...
srm, bookish
A reminder for SF fans, readers, writers and workshoppers with reasonable access to Chattanooga, TN -- http://chattacon.org/ --

Sharon Lee and I are Guests of Honor (along with Laura Anne Gilman and Special Guest Rachel Caine) next weekend at Chattacon. We've suggested workshopping programs to the committee but haven't heard back from them yet (sigh), but hey, if you've been to any Clarion, come say hello! Ought to be a great convention and it has (we're promised by a friend of ours who is running it) a lovely consuite as well.

Other folks I know who also due in are publisher Toni Weiskopf from Baen, Warren Lapine who's got a number irons in the publishing fire, anthologist and SFWA representative Lee Martindale, anthologist and writer Mark van Name, and Elektra Hammond who is coming as a writer but also has editing credentials and connections.

After that -- we're set as panelists at Boskone (that's Boston, yes) -- I note -- that Boskone informs the world as of yesterday that the hotel block still has a few rooms available. Sharon and I will be there as panelissts, GoH and Guest list is great with John Scalzi, Daniel dos Santos, Special Guest Toni Weisskopf, Featured Filker Tricky Pixie, NESFA Press Guest Jerry Pournelle, Hal Clement Science Speaker Bruce Schneier ...still room at the inn! Boskone 49, February 17-19, 2012, Boston Westin Waterfront ...

And we'll be GoH at Conquest in KC -- plan ahead, that's at the Memorial Day weekend ...