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it came out of the wordwork

Yes, I've been ... away
Aaaaaaaaactually, I haven't been away, but I've been spending a lot of time on Dragon Ship; last night I was up until ... 2 AM this morning. The book is due in, last chance, RSN, and with Sharon's hillside tumble the other day (and resultant Very Bad Sprain(TM) she's been slowed.

So while I was writing last night, Sharon was busy i nthe guts of ebook-machines ... and thus, Sharon's newest ebook is the first story we tried to deliver online:


Meanwhile, it is snowing and the police have asked people to say off of certain roads (like many of them in this area) until conditions improve. So much for gym today, I guess.

Reminder -- still plenty of time to make plans for ChattaCon -- (see http://chattacon.org/) where we're goign to have a heck of a line-up.

Later... got to sweep the deck before the "brief snow shower" we've been experiencing since 5 AM gets any deeper.