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it came out of the wordwork

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's Ghost Ship on best-of lists
Last time around we mentioned the Liaden books were being named as classics in one blog's list of modern SF -- and now a reminder. Despite the fact that some stores are running low on stock, Ghost Ship continues to pick up readers and you can help by spreading the word ...

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller's Ghost Ship is in the semi-final round for Best SF book of the year at Goodreads; that means you ought to be able to vote for it and help keep this Baen hardcover in the running. It would be good to get to the finals, where the title would be up against a slew of NYT bestselling authors.


Please take this information to other lists, blogs, and discussion groups that might be appropriate. Not being on the NYT list so far puts this book at a disadvantage -- so help level the playing field, if you will.