November 13th, 2011


And on it goes --

Science fiction news and information site Giant Freaking Robot rates our (Sharon Lee and Steve Miller) Liaden Universe novels as modern masterpieces of SF along with works by Stephen King, Orson Scott Card, Michael Crichton, Stephen Baxter, Vernor Vinge, William Gibson, and David Weber. Whoa! Now the sigh .... wait for it. Sigh, of all of these, guess who has yet to have a NYT bestseller despite hitting most of the SF bestseller lists? Right Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. ...

Please share this news with your favorite SF and ebook readers, and let them all know our work is available in ebooks as well as paper. With Christmas looking like an ereader bonanza this year, *do* send them off to where they can choose from lots of stories and have a choice of vendors, too. This would be a useful time for lee & Miller to become the next big thing ... just in time for Hugo thoughts!