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it came out of the wordwork

Relative calm? Where?
Lord Black Cat
Between earthquakes and hurricanes and toppling dictators and falling gold prices I guess there's not that much stability out there today...

For our part, the train arrived around 13 hours late in Chicago, so we grabbed 4 hours sleep, got breakfast so I could take my "must take with food" meds, and came back to room to nap. Sharon's sleeping, but I'm awake and will take a nap on the train to Minneapolis later today. Who needs a sleep routine when you're on the road for 18 days across three time zones and more than a dozen states with a worldcon only one leg of the tripod?

Yesterday's boondoggle of timing was a major disappointment -- we have a list of palces in Chiczgo we were going to choose from for dinner, breakfast and lunch ... and so far all we've seen is the hotel coffee shop, which will also supply a bag lunch for a getaway.

In deference to cardio doctor's suggestions I used the RedCap transport at 3:00 AM or so when we reached Union Station -- the Red Cap stuck with us all the way to the cab, after retrieving our bags from the baggage car instead of making us wait at the roundabout. Good serviced that -- greatly appreciated. I'd called the hotel to let them know we'd be very late and Rachel the front desk lady was on the lookout for us when we arrived ... also excellent service to soothe sleepy and not too happy travelers.

As far as I can tell we should arrive back in Maine about 18 to 20 hours after departure of Irene, of which weather channels are pleased to predict disasters from. Better than an earthquake for warning soundbites!

Off to Union Station .. catch you all in Minneapolis, RSN.