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it came out of the wordwork

Kin Ties is up and such like
Lord Black Cat
It has been a hectic couple days and so far today we can say:

Kin Ties is up. That's a new Liaden Universe story on user-supported Splinter Universe. All you folks who have lists of free stories on the web should check out http://splinteruniverse.com, thanks.

We've decided which car to take to the train station.

Coffee is made.

We have suggestions for several good places to eat in Chicago.

I'm going to do a close-up recheck on the lily count, which from the dry deck shows 2 and a tangle.

The cats are watching the suitcases and piles with ... caution.

Lots on the list for today -- but more coffee and breakfast comes next.

PS ... why doesn't LJ know how to spell Liaden Universe by now? After all, you can find it in Wikipedia...