August 5th, 2011


Ordinary stuff and beyond

Yes, we have a day lily count for today:

4, bringing us to a seasonal 46.

Elsewise, the day is gray and looming with fannish things to do -- while most of you are thinking worldcon (as I am -- my travel vest is about half-packed right now & I *found* that compass!) we're also working on program plans for the TGNESE (see here: )which is barely 6 weeks away.

We have a guest article/blog post we need to take care of before Worldcon (that is, we really ought to write it by Tuesday. If we don't mention it by Tuesday, will someone job me on it? Thx.

Did you see the article about salt water beaches on Mars? Me neither -- but I saw this about salt water syrup there --

So far, after Chattacon (next January) we have no absolute scheduled cons for next year. Next year's cons will depend in part on discussion we'll have at Reno -- the question is how much time out can we afford to travel in the current writing and economic climate. For the last few years, other than worldcons, we've mostly depended on GoH gigs to help us travel.

More later...