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it came out of the wordwork

As the summer rushes by -- take your time
Lord Black Cat
Yes, I'm still working on Dragon Ship. Some days major progress, sometimes Theo or Bechimo dig heels in and we don't go quite so far. Still, we slog forward on our memtrek, yessir.

I'm still on Second Life, but in throes of busy summer I'm not getting in often. Will try to do better.

As mentioned on twitter -- well, heck, here's the tweet, as sent from the Bechimo account this morning:

1/2 way to my goal, THX! Clarion West Write-a-Thon fundraiser, need another $299. Support Dragon Ship & my blog,too! http://clarionwest.net/events/writeathon/SteveMiller

In re the Write-a-Thon, there's still time, I suspect, for an extra writer to join in --and readers, after you give me some support (heh)... you can always wander about and add some for the rest of the great writers taking part, or just send the cost of a single Pinbeambooks.com ebook ($2.99) or more to the Clarion West folks to help out. I mean this: without Clarion West there's a very good chance there would not have been a Liaden Universe story arc for you guys to read! The next best thing may be written by someone you help here!

On other fronts, plans are moving forward for WorldCon, and the Lee & Miller part in it. As luck has it, there *will be* a Friends of Liad table at ReNovation! Go team! Now the question is, what do we need to have at the table? So far, it looks like ... Friends of liad (We have several volunteers so far) ... and paperstuff and a banner.

So, for the table:

Lists of Liaden books, and chapbooks, and the like. Maybe a bibliography. Maybe some of the stuff that was being put together for that Guide could be brought up to spec in pieces. How about pronunciations(?) Gah, well, that pronunciation stuff may depend on time at this end. Cards/paper with the room number of the FoL party. Maybe some overview of the Second Life presence that various FoL folks have. Ah ... a card with contact info for FoL mailing list, our blogs, the Lee & Miller twitter accts, the Facebook groups. Display books (and chapbooks if we have any left by then) ... If I can get it working maybe we can have a slideshow photoscreen of various Liaden book and story art.

Srsly, who has other ideas on this -- we have barely 4 weeks to go before we board the train, and we can't do all of it the last Friday before we go. Also, if you'll be in the area but aren't up to joining WorldCon this late in the game, we'll try get the room numbers for the FoL party out to folks somehow. These are usually busy-but-quiet parties, low-key, and a refuge from the hurly-burly of bidding parties. Yes, the FoL party usually rocks -- comfortably.

Oh, and that banner. I need someone more or less in the area or who will be at the con to receive some shipments from me: we still have one of the banners here but one has gone missing -- do *you* have a Friends of Liad banner rolled up in a mailing tube somewhere? One for the room might be nice if it can be found.

And elsewise: www.pinbeambooks.com has been a success so far -- for example, at one point TimeRags II was one of the top 100 poetry books in amazon's ranking of US poetry available on the Kindle (Sigh, OK. think we sold 4 or 5 copies that day, but still.....) We're also looking around to see what else we might do to bring the all-ebooks, all-the-time folks into the Liaden Universe tent.

Oh, and too, we're going to be part of another really special ebook thing, RSN -- copywriters are sharpening their quills even as I type -- one that may get mucho attention when it breaks. Names you know will be involved, yessir!

And, so I can get back to Theo, who has to face thiz leedle problem that came via pinbeam late last night, and which may involve a certain favor not yet invoked.... to do that, a summary summery wrap-up and renotification of stuff:

1: story goes forth

2: you can help me meet my personal support goals for Clarion West, which did wonders for me, thx.

3: WorldCon is on track, and us via Amtrak to it -- and and so, I ask if you have ideas for the Friends of Liad who will be there, or for the FoL table, or for the FoL parties, or wish to help out in person, or help with other FoL events (we'll be having some kind of FoL event to go along with the Post WorldCon signing in Minneapolis, for example) ... Volunteer, offer, help, give advice -- thanx.

4: www.pinbeambooks.com is up and running, as is the new kid on the block, Splinter Universe, which is a direct product of Sharon preparing for a long summer vacation -- with luck one that will last for years. That's at www.splinteruniverse.com in case you haven't been there.

5: Have fun. We hope to see you in person sometime in the next short while. If i forgot something, which usually do, I'll include it down the road.