May 21st, 2011


News, as you may have seen elsewhere ... or mebbe not

There are a lot of things that could go first, and the order is hardly chronological ... so...

We were informed yesterday that "several" of our works were on the Uncle Hugo's SF bestseller list this time ... hey, that's not too bad ... but actually, if you go look ... there are several severals of Lee & Miller books on that list ... you can go check that out yourself:

And them sometime soon were told, the TV interview we did several months ago will be available for streaming on the internet. We haven't seen it yet, but ... that will be from these fine folks, when it happens:

Also, The Friends of Liad will have a party suite for several nights at WorldCon ... this is worth announcing since the con committee awards shares out those hard-to-get suites. Hope to see you there Friday or Saturday of Worldcon.... and some of you we may see there and at Uncle Hugos. Still not sure, BTW, of the Friends of Liad breakfast at Worldcon ... we shall see...

More as time permits.