May 1st, 2011

srm, bookish

Top 40 News! Tell your friends -- we're just spacing around this morning

At least in the ebook world of pixelated literature we make some waves this week,
with 6 of our newly posted chapbooks currently in the Top 100 of Amazon's Bestsellers in Science Fiction Anthologies, including a current Number 3 with Halfling Moon! (( )) All these links are for this morning as I type -- if you check this later things will probably have changed.

Meanwhile, on the Space Opera side of things, we really hit the Top 40! Specifically in Amazon's Hot New releases, we have 15 in the top 80, 10 out of the top 40 ... and if you'll let your e-reading friends know about this, the trend may continue.

We also had 4 in the all Amazon Bestsellers in Space Operas, two in the Amazon Bestsellers in Adventure, and meanwhile the Lee & Miller classic The Cat's Job has fallen from #7 to #44 in Bestsellers in Cat Care ...

Anyway, we're having fun, have some low-key prep going on for a few more chapbooks, and are trying to work out a calm and low-key kind of a day. I'll probably have some news to share a little later ...

Now, why is the coffee gone?