April 11th, 2011

Lord Black Cat

Recent events and travels and Ghost Ship news

I have a note here from Don Blyly at Uncle Hugo's: about 1/3 of the pre-pledging folks have visited http://www.unclehugo.com/prod/ah-lee-miller.php to make their actual order. Not bad for the first 48 hours. If you want to do this and didn't pre-pledge, that's OK. Friends from Franklin High and UMBC and BSFS, you can get in on the act, too, if you like. The sooner this happens, the better -- we might get the actual pre-orders to the pledge level of 525 or higher. Pls share this news. Repeat -- pls twitter and elsewise share this news with your fellow readers. TY.

Meanwhile, we took much of the day off yesterday, running to Belfast to look at a potential housing opportunity there after a Waterville breakfast and a site inspection on a couple houses locally that ... just .... will .... not... do. Is it only in Waterville that "circa-1950" and "Modern" are the same thing?

Saturday I turned some "What am I going to do with this?" food items into a meal -- I had several small containers of mixed fruit in heavy syrup (accidentally purchased from a slot otherwise full of light-syrup peaches, but heck they were here so I used them) that I threw into a pan with the fresh raw chicken breast nuggets I'd found on sale on Friday, added some water chestnuts for crunch, a small handful of lentils, some home-cut tomato chunks from the day before along with home-cut frozen onions and orange sweet peppers ... mixed in some olive oil and a couple cups of water and several heaping tablespoons of jar-garlic ... so not really a stir fry though they were considered stir-fry chunks, and not a soup, though there were soupish ingredients. Cooked them all together for about a half hour, stirring a lot and listening to good music. Had for dinner Saturday along with home-baked bread and will have some for lunch today, probably with whole-wheat sourdough bread from Barrels.

Sharon worked on E-book stuff (as did I) on Saturday, and hers worked to the point that even after our gallivanting about yesterday she was able to upload the Kindle and Nook versions to their respective sites in hopes that they'll go live RSN. It appears that Apple versions will come, but they'll be delayed by Apple's proprietary systems -- in theory Appleholics who don't wish to wait will be able to use the Nook versions on a Nook, and probably with Calibre, for that matter, and many Android readers.

It rains this morning, and I have to get the exercise therapy this afternoon. Oh yeah, am still working on backed up SRM orders.

And PS -- Ghost Ship is above the 10,000 ranking mark today at amazon, and if you can't see your way clear to a signed copy from Uncle Hugo's there's time to order through Sharon's special amazon link:

Thx for reading this -- and what're you guys up to this Monday?