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it came out of the wordwork

Almost time to change the decorations -- the snow is melting and the birds are blooming
Almost time to change the decorations here --

Yep, the snow is almost gone -- last week about now some of the beautiful new 14 inches or so was wafting in the wind; now well over 50% of the property is bare, with some of the tree-shade zones still two feet deep and other places brown brown brown brown and muddy.

In other news, in a rush of "just one more chapter to go" enthusiasm, last night we finished our outloud reading of CJ Cherryh's Betrayer. I'm thinking it might be fun to follow up with reading from the start of the series. When we read a book outloud it's a lot like watching TV --we make side comments and predictions along the way...

And yes, we *did* enjoy Betrayer.

Meanwhile, we're going to acquire a very used Mac to help us get our ebooks to the folks who are Appleholics. Since Apple attempts to seal people's economic fate by *requiring a mac in the Apple store uploading process* (talk about an antiquated concept in this day of cloud computing!) we're getting a used machine, and then we'll be getting Pinbeam brand books out to the non-Apple stores first. Sorry folks -- I expect the Apple-store editions will be running at least two weeks to a month behind the other editions to start.

Other personal notes: I spoke to my mother by phone and the doctors have nebulously scheduled a gall-bladder removal .. I dunno, kind of the next time it really gets bothersome, I guess. Other than that, there was another problem looked into, and it seems to finally be resolving itself with application of the proper suite of antibiotics -- several false positives for other things have given way to a "Oh, that's all it is? Well, take these thing for 5 days and call us in the morning." Apparently the problem was slowly resolving itself and the antibiotics are an aid. We'll cross fingers -- my mother is 81 and the less of these thrills, the better.

For my part, I'm slowly advancing on the cardio-therapy/exercise front and in line with another class we're taking I'm getting some extra exercise at home while getting a little more direction on food from a registered dietician. I still hate the bad news I get from reading labels, as fascinating as it is, since
instances of both high fructose corn syrup and the 50% plus of daily sodium requirement (in a single serving!) is making it hard for me to buy frozen food from the national giants. Is there a vinegar-only low salt sauerkraut out there?

Also for my part, the basement warrens are slowly taking shape. I can't believe how many boxes of *stuff* I still have to move or dispose of. I'm aghast at how much old paper there is to go through -- especially the little notes with a partial name and a phone number and a *call today!* that may be from 2007 or may be from the week I went into the hospital with pneumonia in October. A sorting I will go ....

As mentioned on facebook, yesterday my drive home from cardiotherapy included a stop at Barrels Community market for some goodstuff ... and then sightings of a fox, 3 deer, a herd of turkeys, and an eagle. If we move to the city/shore i may miss some of that. of course if we move to the shore i may end up with seals and snallygasters ....