April 1st, 2011



We stopped yesterday and picked up a couple bags of birdseed ... and today we've got birds. Grackles, red wings, cardinals (Mr. and Mrs.) doves, chickadees, titmice, sparrows ... it helps that we've also had a foot or so of very heavy wet snow and we've been lucky that the winds haven't taken the power lines with them so far. it is still snowing as i type ...

it is a good thing we don't plan to go out RSN ... since there's a wall of sense wet snow at the end of the driveway that we'll let out plowguy take care of, assuming he;s coming by. Not for *me* to handshovel, nossir.

Given a snow day ... I played in the dough and made some rolls. This dough is not quite working out the way we hoped yet -- while it is providing s nice tasty food, it isn't rising properly for us, so it is unusable in the sandwich mode. Sigh, I guess, and sigh again.

Also, the snow means we didn't take the 70 packed Skyblaze out to the PO. Monday and Tuessday ought to see most of the rest off.