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it came out of the wordwork

Snowing again and other stories
It showed yesterday and on the overnight, was cloudy this morning, and now is snowing again. I saw 14 turkeys at the apple tree across the way -- Sharon saw 4 deer at the same spot when she went to move the cars out of leftover snow piles form the morning plowing.

Cooked lunch, I did -- as I mentioned in a post to a friend: chicken tenders were successfully baked ( at 350 for 35 minutes after being washed, patted dry, dipped in olive-oil mayo with non-fat cheese crumbles, a few shakes of Old Bay and light garlic powder, rolled in whole wheat bread crumbs and placed on a cookie sheet covered with baking parchment) ... went well with fresh whole baby carrots cooked for 25 minutes with canned green beans) ...

Now on to reading a suddenly appearing proof of Korval's Game.

Snowing where you are?