January 14th, 2011

srm, bookish

Home again home again

I'm home, yes. This is good. Sharon has performed miracles, kept company, dealt with an emergency, been patient with fools, been patient with me, and waited while Transport failed to materialize, several times. All honor to her.

Now to wrestle with conflicting instructions/information/rules/suggestions/and appointments, and also with paperwork which is already looking to need a file drawer labeled "Steve's ICD."

It turns out I may be awhile getting into a new rhythm -- especially since I have to avoid strong magnetic fields, avoid picking up things weighing more than 5 pounds with my left hand, and must always carry and use my cell phone on my right... so, a new world order for my world is already in progress.

I did get to read 2 of Keith RA Decandido's books on the trip, which was really a needed break from reality.

But more of that stuff later. Scrabble tells me she needs a scritch.