January 11th, 2011


Considered Opinion: turkeys sound more definitive than chickens

That's right --

My considered opinion is that *wild turkeys* sound much more defintive than domestic chickens. I can say this with some authority, considering we just had a small band of wild turkeys in the oddly green-grass spot under Sharon's windows where the morning sun reflects off the big basement window -- and sometimes the neighbor's chickens come visit us (without my consent or approval, I might note) and they are not nearly as interesting.

The 4 turkeys I could see were talking about themselves and sometimes calling out to each other and maybe some around the corner; after they left here there were 5 or 6 in the unkempt underbrush apple trees across the way, and 1 brazen as could be under the big yard-trimmed tree the neighbor hasn't busted down yet. --- oops, and checking up on a cat making chittering noises in the front window, there are now at least 14 of the birds under that tree and several on the other side of our house still not crossed over the street ... guess we have TuesdayAppleCon in progress.

In other news, we're expecting snow on the overnight so I guess we'll take out of here pretty early on my way to tomorrow's medical visit -- there's what's effectively a straight route for us where we go out our road, bearing slightly left, stop at a stop sign, bearing slightly left in Albion, and drive on Route 9 most of the way to the hospital... but that route's not as fast in the snow as it is in sunny leaf-peeping weather....

I'm note sure how much chattering I'll be doing on the interwebs between now and next week -- a lot depends on which drugs i get when, I suppose. I have some news for you all that's embargoed until closer to the end of the month, so watch the sky! -- in ten or twelve days, that is.

Besides that, Sharon has Skyblaze 12.0 in her pocket so I'll get that for a final peek and poke early next week, the birdfeeder's full, the cellphone is charging, and I have a few SRM orders to drive to the PO today.
If I don't see you here or on Facebook today I'll catch you all next week, carefully staying away from large magnetic fields the while.

Fanstuff below -- if you don't do conventions/fannish things you can ignore it. Really.

Oh, and on another front, I wonder if anyone can point me to a site/webpage/portal/fanzine/fanpage where there are regular, more or less thoughtful convention reports, in more or less one spot. I see people showing off videos and pix on Facebook or YouTube, and I have to tell you that VIDEO DOES NOT HACK IT FOR IN-DEPTH REPORTING. This is true of any news, and not just convention news.

Letting the picture tell the story? It frequently doesn't. It isn't that pictures and video aren't fun and useful, but bouncy phone-cam video doesn't tell me things I want to know about as a traveling fan/pro . How about info on the art show -- how many artists were in the art show,and was there an auction? Did the Consuite run out of decent snacks at 11:25 Friday night? Was the 24 hour hotel restaurant stonkered by fans really piling in at 2:30 AM? Had the convenience store across the way declared bankruptcy and locked up two days before the con started? Who/what was the surprise pro/art/fan appearance? Did the hotel enforce meet-and-greet rules, making parties after midnight impossible? Was some well known fan/pro a complete *fill in the blank* or make a *fill in the blank* of themselves?

And now, back to your regularly scheduled webs.