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it came out of the wordwork

Time out on the way
Lord Black Cat
As happens, I'm going to be taking time out from regularly scheduled events, RSN. I'll go to Bangor for a few days next week, where after a day of tests, I expect to have a defibrillator implanted. I can think of more fun things to do, but perhaps not more useful.

So far we have the cat-sitter organized and extra good cat treats in, and recent forecasts make the weather of getting there (an hour plus up the road from here) a non-issue. FWIW, there's WIFI, so between events I'll at least be able to peek in to teh internets. I may be able to post between events, but perhaps not. Oh, no live incision photos from the Droid, I promise!

The short term recovery will mean I'm not to drive for a couple days, power arm wrestling will be right out for a week or four, and I'll have to continue for awhile with the light-duty approach I've been under since the cardiomyopathy was discovered (during my recent hospitalization after AlbaCon). I may also have to oversee some volunteers on the packing and shipping for Skyblaze, which is still in the works. There may be a slight delay -- honestly, of the "factor in stuff happening" part of the book planning, the word "defibrillator" was not considered.

In the longer run, I'll be limbering up my knees and using the treadmill to get in shape for ReNovation, and we'll be working on fine-tuning some of the meds. That's on the recovery side. On the other side of thing, there's more. We have couple of nibbles on con guest spots after Renovation, a possible mini-book tour to-and-from Renovation including a trip on Empire Builder... not to mention the book-writing always on the schedule.

That's what's on the scope here -- tell me what fun and creative stuff you'll be up to between now and the end of WorldCon.