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it came out of the wordwork

Double or nothing?
Once upon a time we told you about Goodreads having a Poll about favorite SF (and other books) of the year ... and if you didn't check back, you might not know that they have finished ... and the results are in:


So, Saltation is neither at the top or the bottom, but thanks for voting!

Yes, of course we're disappointed not to have shaken the roots of publishing with our popularity, but hey, you can't win them all! Now that was a really hard poll because it assumed 1 favorite and not a list of favorites ...sigh.

But SFSITE has seen potential errors in that 1 best book per sub genre kind of a Readers Choice and they have been doing their version for Quite Some Time. What they ask you do do is tell them the *ten* best genre books of the year -- listed in your 1 to 10 order. You can participate in their nifty poll here:


Enjoy, and thanks for playing along at home.