December 25th, 2010


A few words, still in transition, Xmas in action ...

Yep, copyright and all that. If you want to share,plz send folks here... a very rare snippet from Steve's side of the internet:

“Got's some starcheese just in to spice our Ronian Cheese if you want some, or the crackers haven't been hardly dredged yet 'cept for The Hooper if you want something ribstickers.”
Vertu blinked, considering. She'd be early in line if the snow slowed folks down: early in and as likely early out.
“Ronian Cheese, that'll be fine.”
The bow came to her shoulders again, but the woman was already fetching the cube for her cup, and missed it.


As for the day -- late night in view of the kissing ball and then slept late, sort of, then woke not too pleased with Mozart's efforts to take the old DVD player out of the stand without unplugging it. For a cat the size of the state of Maine he sure can get *into* places. On the overnight he was also into the kitchen cabinet in the corner, *his* rocking chair, and sleeping on Sharon's elbow. Hex and Scrabble had a settled night -- guess they'd been good on the year. In any case, they all got treats before we did this morning.

I got in an unexpected nap, got some words worked, ought to have some cranberry stuff to drink sometime soon. On the phone with various fambly folk, (sorry I missed you Cindy!) and here in my room Scrabble has hardly left to co-pilot's chair all day.

Not sure we'll be centered in the icy cross-hairs, but Maine's snow watch has been cancelled. Seems to be under a blizzard watch now.

How's the weather and the days where you've settled?