December 19th, 2010


House warming, or at least food warming ...

I guess that's misleading -- we aren't having a house warming, we're warming the house, and making it smell pretty good, too.

Anyway, it snowed a little this morning and was very pretty; now, we have blue skies with crows.

So far this weekend: yesterday -- gingerbread cookies and toll house cookies. Today, after breakfast, sugar cookies... and breakfast was yams and toast. On the list for next year, I guess, replacement cookies cutters, not from China.

This afternoon or evening we'll have a stir fry, and after the sugar cookies were done I started the mixed beans soaking for the overnight, that for a very hearty 12 or 15 bean soup I'll cook tomorrow. I'm not planning on baking bread RSN, though, since we have some Borealis Aroostook wheat in house, plus some nice crusty rolls and some good whole wheat ...

Elsewise, I'm working on Skyblaze today, and helping put up the tree in awhile, and Sharon's been busy, including an *important commercial message* over in her blog:

And now, to move a few more boxes around in the basement before doing some tuning on Skyblaze. Oh, Skyblaze? Still haven't heard? Info on that can be seen ... here:
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