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it came out of the wordwork

Snowing on Monday morning as I drove into office
And now instead of snow showers they are calling for accumulations of up tp eight inches here in Waterville; I'm waiting for the moving crew to arrive for this phase, which will be the most interesting phase until we take the desk -- smallest dimension in any ddirections ... through thr 28 inch door in the basement ... or maybe through the windows instead ...

Left the cats at home -- Mozart hiding, Scrabble, having investigated and seen it was my plan, in the window looking out into the snow, and Hexapuma back on his comfy birdseed bin with the african on top of it... he'd also investigated the motion - bowed once -- an come back upstairs, apparently, like Scrabble, willing to allow me to have these things happen as long as i knew about them.

With the pictures off the walls and many of the boxes moved this office echoes hollowly when the people upstairs march across ... and everyone is wearing snowboots today, so they all sound like they are marching. No train yet -- I will miss having trains going by -- the the closest rail of the nearest (and least used) track is about 25 feet from my computer seat.

Oddly, I think I don't have any photos of this place in gear -- hmmmm ....

So how many of you have worked in a spot for a couple years and have no photos to show? i guess it is rare in the day of the cellphone.

Idle hands and all that stuff ...
When the move didn't finish today I went to the grocery and picked up a few things...and then came home and starting the crockpot going -- includes fresh: potato, carrots, onion, mushroom, about 2 lbs of chicken tenders, along with leftover broccoli and water, a little chicken broth, some dry soup veggies, and canned diced tomato with green chili. Probably won't be done in time for our evening meal today, but it will be great to have on hand.

But that wasn't enough, I guess. Now the chocolate chip cookies are baking.

What's cooking that smells good at your house?