November 26th, 2010


White Friday

Well, it is a White Friday -- it is snowing and sleeting here, with the ground, roads, and cars covered and a current temp reasonably below freezing, and with threats of accumulations of ice and sleet, and eventual rain and snow turning back to snow.

My participation in sales today will likely be limited to what i can do from here, I think.

If I didn't mention it here, we've had an interesting week, with the Ghost Ship cover coming in from the Framemakers, the on acceptance checks from Ghost Ship arriving, Ghost Ship (are you sensing a theme?) showing up on for an August 2 release (so it should be available for us to sign at Reno for WorldCon) ....

Meanwhile, perhaps an overseas nibble, and we must be working on the writing becasue *other story ideas* keep wanting to talk to us, which is exactly what happens when we're getting under way on novel(s) ....

My first job, after making breakfast (I already made the coffee) will be to bring the snow shovels up.

Also, we still haven't solved the non-responsive DVD player -- so tell me what's a reasonable home theatre solution what with Netflix
charging more for plastic and less fro streaming. Let me tell you, I DO NOT want to have to depend on  my cable company for all my entertainment!