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it came out of the wordwork

Asenath Hammond
Old friends and fans may recall Asenath Hammond as one of the travelling East Coast con and fanzine fans who eventually migrated west -- I met her in the early 70s. IIRC she'd been a fan in Boston, later moved to NY, and then I think Minnesota and California.

She later  married Rick Sternbach (they stayed with Sue and I in Owings Mills while he was visiting the Smithsonian) and Sharon and I later saw them (circa 1987) when we did some business on the West coast while waiting for Agent of Change to appear.

According to several reports in hand, Asenath died yesterday, apparently succumbing to the combination of immune-system disorders she'd been plagued with for much of her life. Too many stories to tell, and this is not the time.

Not here, but not forgot.