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it came out of the wordwork

Not quite burning questions of the day
computer steve
OK, good morning, crew. Mr. Phelps, you may leave the room -- your phone is ringing in the hall.

Today's not  quite burning question follows somewhere in the verbiage.

We've been considering upgrading our phones -- that is, our cellphones -- and in pursuit of that, since I'm a hands-on kind of guy -- we've been in/at a number of cellphone stores/big-box stores/corner kiosks looking at the suckers. We've played with keyboards, swiped at letters, shrank and de-shrank windows, observed what the sky looked overhead in Bejing  (I was ay a Sam's Club in Augusta... the demo phone wanted to show me Bejing, I dunno why, and neither did the salesgirl...), and etc.  Decided on an android phone, and decided that if I have a phone I ought to be able to text on it without chording through the letters, and that I really do prefer typing on a keypad, and made lots of decisions with the anticipation that by the New Year I might be finally caught up to 2008, communication wise. But all is not clear, yet.

One question that's come up (asked by the booth inmates) a number of times, often without additional information or clarity, is "where do you carry your phone?"

Now, I've had an emergency/traveling use only phone (trac[hone brand) for years, and in those years Ive carried it on my belt in a leather belt-looped pouch, in my pants pocket, in the cellphone holder on my shoulder bag, in my shirt pocket.  Actually I've had three or four tracphones --  and lost one in it's iron-hand belt pouch (which apparently failed).... somewhere. One just died. Anyway, but the questions I have which are not well answered --

1. Are there phones -- let me be clear, I mean smartphones at this point -- that are best carried in certain places? Should *where* I expect to carry a phone affect a buying decision?

2. Do belt-clip pouches ever work? On my way to Raleigh for NASFIC my clip-on phone pouch got caught in the seat belts a couple times ... and I even tried clipping it to my suspenders, which (apparently) never works, or at least looks awkward as hell. I did manage to answer a call that came in with it in the pouch on my suspenders, but it was vewy vewy vewy iffy, and I swore not again, at least not with that kind of a pouch.

3. Where do *you* carry your phone usually, and what has failed for you (and why) in the past?