November 15th, 2010


Serious stuff! With Numbers!

Serious stuff #1 --

in case you don't follow Facebook or Sharon's blog you should know that we've reached agreement with Baen on three additional
Liaden universe novels, which will be turned in to the editor in the next 18 months or so. 

Tentative title #1: Dragon Ship ... this is a Theo story, yes. To be turned in around or just after next year's WorldCon.
Tentative title #2: To be Determined   ... due after New Year 2012 -- this is a Surebleak-centric story, with some new characters and familiar characters expanded. Do not be surprised if there's a thread or connection in this book that comes directly out of Skyblaze.
Tentative title #3: Trade Secret ... this is a Jethri story, which is conceived as following closely on the heels of Balance of Trade.

No idea what the publication dates of any of these will be.

Serious Stuff #2 --

we shall be needing to make a visit to The Framemakers in Waterville, because copy #1/50 of the Ghost Ship cover print arrived today. if you haven't seen it you can find it on display at Contact Mr. Mattingly for details.