November 12th, 2010


Did I mention Skyblaze: Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number Seventeen ?

Right -- we've set the title and date and ordering info for what is, I guess, technically our annual Liaden  Yule chapbook (or at least a holiday chapbook) -- even though, as Sharon has pointed out elsewhere, because of my recent stay in the hospital it is due to start shipping on Ground Hog's day, 2011 ...  that's at   

..... I am surprised to find Google's not showing the Skyblaze pre-order page at number 1 already ... but there, I have high hopes! maybe a search of Sharon Lee Steve Miller Skyblaze will make something happen? Also, if you happen to be on science fiction and writing mailing lists -- tell them that Skyblaze:  Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number Seventeen is on the way. More on that in a minute.

In other news, I'm set for a couple more doctor appointments and tests this month and into next, giving me quite a medical social calendar ... and my landlord at SRM Central has confirmed that we've got a couple more weeks to shift things so I needn't ask for heroic efforts on the part of anyone, myself included, this weekend. I feel better already.

Recently I got a Facebook hello from an acquaintance from long ago who asked what I'd been up, she having been FAFIA for some decades ... and I mentioned that I'd been writing.  She'd had a job and a life -- or maybe three lives, it seemed, and hadn't kept up with folks from way back when, and she had heard that I'd married, and remarried, and she remembered that I was doing newspaper stuff and always said i was going to be a writer but that was about it.  So I mentioned that we'd been writing, and moved to Maine, that I'd had a couple editorial jobs and mostly I'd been writing .... Somehow that wasn't an adequate answer -- a bare-bones "been writing" -- but how do you measure these things? Word count? Book count? Cats lived with?

So, this is some of what I/we have been up to since you lost track of me in the 70s/80s ... you can consider anything below here a ramble, you may stay or you may go, but Library Thing mavens please take note...

Which brings me back to Skyblaze, a chapbook we're doing for fans and readers of the Liaden Universe® ... and this is a little scary.  We've been doing chapbooks regularly since 1995... and there' been a couple of Liaden stories in chapbooks not labeled  with the "Adventures in the Liaden Universe® Number XXX'  but number 17, eh?  And ... and ... So far we've done 17 novels together, can that be? Really, but if I put my mind to it, (not necessarily in order)  I think I can recall them all, the novels we've done together.

Look : the Liaden Universe® joint novels
Agent of Change
Conflict of Honors
Local Custom
Scout's Progress
Carpe Diem
Plan B
I Dare
Balance of Trade
Crystal Soldier
Crystal Dragon
Ghost Ship
(I know, most of you haven't seen this yet, not due out until next year)
(not Liaden list follows)
Sword of Orion
Tomorrow Log

As to the "Adventures in the Liaden Universe®" chapbooks, all through SRM Publisher --
Two Tales of Korval    # 1
Fellow Travelers         # 2
Duty Bound                  #3
Certain  Symmetry      #4
Trading in Futures      #5
Changeling                  #6
Loose Cannon            #7
Shadows and Shades #8
Quiet Knives                #9
With Stars Underfoot #10
Necessary Evils         #11
Allies                            #12
Dragon Tide                #13
Eidolon                         #14
Misfits                          #15
Halfling Moon              #16
Skyblaze                       #17
  (I know, most of you haven't seen this yet)

... And then of course there were the collections of some of the above...
Liaden Universe® Companion #1 and Liaden Universe® Companion #2, which came out in hardcover and trade and the firts also in mass market ...

(PS, dear Library Thing, can I get my name added to this series listing? Srsly.)

Elsewise there were a few more joint SRM chapbooks since 1995 --

Quiet Magic
Calamity's Child
Master Walk
The Naming of Kinzel
and the SRM trade paper collection of our non-Liaden short work, Double Vision

Oh, yeah, and we also edited Low Port, an anthology for Meisha Merlin, together ...
and then there were Sharon's SRM issued mysteries, Gunshy and Barnburner, and her chapbook Endeavors of Will and my SRM chapbook Chariot To The Stars ...

So, besides life, that's what I've been up to, sort of.

Oh right, and we've just turned in 3 Liaden Universe®  novel proposals, which are still working their way through editorial/agent discussions I guess, and folks should be on the lookout for Sharon Lee's Carousel Tides, which Publishers Weekly quite liked and is available
from many reputable brick-and-mortar and online bookstores right now, as well as Amazon, think of them what you will.

OK, so there, I have been doing something all these years. And now I'm thinking about reissuing all those out of print chapbooks as chapbooks again. That would keep me busy awhile longer, eh?

And so, it has been a long morning thinking about what I have done, and I may go take a nap as part of my busy writing lifestyle.  The cats are calling. Yes, I need a nap.

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