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it came out of the wordwork

Beautiful day in the neighborhood

the day dawned cool, blue and bluer, and breezy, with the roads lined by trees in full fall regalia. I worked at home early, then packed a lunch and headed north toward Skowhegan, to see the eye guy. 

Lots of crows out in the closest field, and then down the first road a young fox was crossing, almost cat-legged  -- and spotted me. The fox ducked into cover between so scraggly bushes. I could see it when i drive by, safely about 10 yards away from road-edge. I think all the hunters in the woods had it spooked, and I can't blame it -- some forget which season it is when something moves in front of them.

A lot of the back roads around here are more like multi-color tunnels than speedways this time of year -- still shady, but with the bright leaf-peeper's delight all around, and enough breeze to fling leaves willy-nilly across the road, and from the heights. It made for slow going, since (see fox above) the chance of  wildlife among the skittering and pin-wheeling leaves was fairly high.

Then to the hiway-- wheee! Glissades of color on the hills, with yellows and greens falling into reds, oranges into deeper orange into not quite brown.  And so I drove my miles going and coming with a happy heart, and a roadfull of cars from Connecticut for company.

In Skowtown, after the generally good news eye doctor visit, I stopped into Tim Horton's where I was amused to find a couple people using their Kindles and talking over the relative merits of electronic newspaper delivery -- and while I was using the same wifi stream they were, in came someone with a Nook. I ended up part of a good-natured oprn discussion of the ebook world... and habded out a couple copies of Sharon's Carousel Tides chapbook as well as using Haysus the Asus to demonstrate that you can buy ebooks some place besides Amazon.com -- like at baen.com. Apparently none of the folks there knew there were choices, not even the lady who has to drive 20 miles to get wifi. I also gave an impromptu lecture on how publishign really works ... wheee! Guess I'm still on leftover con-high from Albacon.

After finishing my pumpkin spice donut and hot chocolate I wandered over the the Mr. Paperback in town, a place we'd signed books at back a few times... about 21, 20, and years or so ago when we lived in town. There I did a drive-by signing of the 5 or 6 Lee & Miller books they had in stock, and dropped off more than a dozen of the Carousel Tides sampler chapbooks before dropping down to Boynton's greenhouse where I left off a few chapbooks (some of our former writing students work there/own the place) and splurged on some lavender roses for Sharon.

On the road back from  the Somerset County shiretown, I came to the opinion that this is the best fall color we've had in some years. Hope it lasts.

The to the office, where I had lunch and dealt with backed-up phone calls and did some packing -- and will need to do more today.