October 2nd, 2010

Lord Black Cat

Saturday Breakfast in The Country

We got up this morning to discover 1) we had a beautiful sunny morning, cool and breezy
and 2) that Sharon's computer had AN ISSUE, which meant she couldn't jump right in on the storystuff this morning but had to mess with the machine for awhile. You may say arrgghh ... the language here was somewhat stronger.

Once we'd got her to a place she could work from she went to reback-up the work ... and so things, including breakfast, were in delay since she wasn't going to eat until things were in gear.

Still, we needed breakfast. I microwaved a couple soy-sausage patties, and into the big wok-like pan threw some olive oil. a couple cups of small round potatoes, some leftover green beans, the leftover sliced tomato from last night (diced),  a cup of our home frozen onions, and started heating it all .... and then along the way adding about two cups of water and a couple of dashes of  a balsamic vinaigrette, a touch of cajun seasoning, some red wine vinegar, a tablespoon or so of bacon bits, and some dried mushrooms, which I allowed to all cook down before throwing the two patties of now-heated sausage in and letting it all merge while Sharon fumed at her machine, adding a little more water while she worked.

By the time she'd come out with the news that not only was everything backed up, all of the programs were working ... PLUS she'd got her Asus up and running and in place just in case she'd need to write on that today, working from drop box -- things had cooked down pretty well, the potatoes were browning nicely on the bottom, and the english muffins were in the toaster oven. We toasted the muffins, and I pulled out the last of the feta cheese, which went really well sprinkled over whatever the rest of breakfast stuff was. The ex-dried mushrooms were tender, which had been a concern. I had half an English muffin with the main part of the meal and then a third  cup of coffee along with the other half of English muffin with apple jelly and a touch of cinnamon on it. Sharon took her third cup of coffee in to see Miss Theo and company.

Now, for me, to work on the rest of chapter 37.  Since I've now used all the leftover except the chicken salad, I guess we'll have chicken salad for lunch.