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it came out of the wordwork

BangPop! and more
For the third convention/show in a row, the Lee & Miller traveling roadshow table has been the -- last thing seen on on local TV coverage of the event. Alas, each time we're in the closing shot with a general voice over about something else -- you may recall that closeups of several of our SRM and Baen titles were seen in the NASFIC coverage showing Glennis LeBlanc's table The Missing Volume table set-up, just at the end of that coverage.

In this case, we weren't interviewed on TV because we were busy with customers or fans every time the crew came our way, and then we were off at the panels, and so missed that run through. There's an extremely brief glimpse of Sharon's head as she's adjusting the table at about 9 seconds into the clip -- you'll have to trust me on that.  But, somewhere around 38 seconds into this coverage we can both be seen (about 4 seconds worth!) sitting behind the table with the Saltation cover and (for the cognoscenti) Hexapuma's favorite book displayed on the corner. Event promoter Gibran Graham kept things going smootjly and we were happily impressed with the Spectacular Event Center's crew and venue.


We had a great time all day, talked to some folks well familiar with our work and some who'd never heard of us -- one of the joys of a convention or show in Maine is that you end up with Canadian visitors -- and finished up in time to visit the nearby Mr. Paperback where we signed available Lee & Miller titles in a driveby fostered by info supplied by the Hetleys. 

We're hoping to add BangPop to a regular schedule -- next year's early WorldCon ought to make that fairly easy for us.

Meanwhile, if you missed us in Bangor this week, maybe you can catch us in Augusta -- http://www.lithgow.lib.me.us/events/index.html  -- apparently several local papers have run a nice color photo and the full PR piece from the library -- like this:
http://www.thevalleyvoice.org/2010/09/16/science-fiction-authors-sharon-lee-and-steve-miller-to-read-at-lithgow-library-on-thursday-september-23rd/23352/     Come if you can -- we'd like to see you there.