September 14th, 2010


Hoping for a nice day Sunday and other con-type thoughts

We're hoping for a reasonably nice day Sunday when we'll motor up the road and hour or so v early on the day to join other creative types and and fans at BangPop ...

This will be our first time there, and if you're within the radius of a quiet drive, feel free to come out and visit with us, pick-up a Carousel Tides sampler or any of the available SRM titles ...

Meanwhile I'm trying to get clarity about going to AlbaCon -- if I can schedule a small party for Saturday night who can help and who will come?
If i decide to appear for breakfast who will help with a two or three person Friends of Liad breakfast? if we push, we might beat the breakfast attendance at Raleigh for NASFIC!

Also, I need to start planning RSN about a solo trip to Boskone or Arisia -- I've never been to Arisia, can you believe?  -- and also doing the long range on what we'll do at Reno. Are there good carousels out that way? Are there good non-Amtrak railroads? What's the best hotel for food choices?  Never too soon to think about a Friends of Liad breakfast, or other get togethers with fans and friends!

Note: not planning on any overseas worldcons in the next decade, though a Western Canadian might draw our interest ... and a reminder to convention committees -- er need a long lead time for any GoH planning, due to Sharon's work.  Nine to fifteen months is good.