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it came out of the wordwork

Sunday notes
Yesterday was Sharon's birthday and most if what we did pertained to that -- but we did check out a small conference center in Western Maine, which probably won't do for a small conference for us though it was wonderfully situated, and we did visit Old Orchard Beach where I hand delivered 25 copies of the Carousel Tide Sampler chapbook to Beggar's Ride Gallery.  I thunk we traveled on the order of 261 miles, and oh yeah, according to the GPS we went from a low of 21 feet (curious about that, since we were on a road about three feet above the high tide at a tidal wildlife refuge near Saco at the time of the reading) to a high altitude of just under 800 feet in the midst of a string of windy Maine mountain miles. 

last night, i saw several moons on either side of Jupiter, despite some high clouds here.