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it came out of the wordwork

Mixed grill
Recent stuff:

Weather permitting I've been doing a nightly quick observation of Jupiter -- and saw three moons again last night with the binoculars.  An hour later I was thinking of taking the telescope out for a better look -- and the cloud cover was 100%. I guess there's a lesson there.  I'm somewhat lazy about these nightly observations -- if i can see it from the deck, that's best.  if I have to run around outside in the lawn in the dewy darkness the evening that the lawn-guy's been here -- that's less likely. I love having acres of trees on the property, but they do obscure much of the sky from here.

Sharon has news this morning:

Oh, that cloud cover from last night? Still dripping here.

Projects being worked on besides Ghost Ship? A couple of proposals.

My brother and his wife just finished a vacation -- they came to Augusta and we had a great breakfast visit and  I also showed them the local Tim Horton's. Then they did a bunch of their geology touring -- fossils,minerals, plate tectonics! -- and ended up with snow showers near Lake Placid on their way home. Cool!

So what's your geology passion? Me, I like quartz, and perdiot, and subtle colored gems.  I am NOT a fan of augmented colored stones, no.
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